U. Del Corona & Scardigli originates from the merger of two long tradition freight forwarding companies: Umberto Del Corona founded in 1874 and Fratelli Scardigli founded in 1946.
The strategic merger of these 2 companies in 2001 allowed them to strengthen and consolidate their position in the shipping market and to offer a wider range of services.
The merger took place by integrating the already existing structures, enlarging the operative and commercial base, developing company’s technologies and organization while preserving at the same time the traditional policy aimed at providing customized, high quality services.
The company’s commercial expansion has brought to a gradual internationalization process, setting up branch companies in the most important countries. Besides, in 2006 the Eurteam company was set up by 5 leading Logistic Providers that thanks to their experience and historic presence in Europe can offer customized solutions for the distribution chain of the chemical sector.