Code of ethics

Carrying out domestic and international shipping activities and providing all services linked to the shipment of goods are the corporate purpose of U. DEL CORONA & SCARDIGLI SRL.
The role played in the market and the nature and importance of the activity carried out by the by the Company, imply the commitment by people who work in the Company or on its behalf – in any way and for any reason- to adopt a conduct based on principles of loyalty, seriousness, honesty, expertise and transparency as well as the strict compliance with the laws, the market rules, the inspiring principles of fair competition, respecting the legitimate interests and expectations of customers, suppliers, partners and anyone who comes into contact with the Company’s business operations.
In order to develop properly the relationships within the Company and those with the external environment, it is necessary that all the recipients of this Code of Ethics, that means all those who cooperate for whatever reason to achieve the Company’s aims, cultivate and make available to the Company their own cultural, technical, operational and ethical knowledge, each of them according to their own functions and responsibilities and respecting the functions and responsibilities of others.
The Code of Ethics must be brought to the attention of all the Recipients and, in any case, of all people with whom the Company has stable business connections based on a relationship of legal nature.
The Company believes that ethics in conducting business favors entrepreneurial activity as it promotes the image of transparency, correctness and reliability; for this reason the Company not only hopes but demands that external relations are in compliance with laws, regulations and the provisions of this Code of Ethics.
The Code of Ethics is adopted by the Board of Directors in a self-regulating manner and can therefore be modified at any time. In particular, any changes that may become necessary when the Company is exposed to new or additional risks will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. These changes do not include changes aimed at implementing organizational changes and/or procedural adjustments that will not be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

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